Website Services

(Phase 1)

Bringing on a New Customer

As conversations happen out in the field, we continue to bring more owners into the ATLAS platform. It's important to ensure the local DTM are aware and part of the discussion. They can help guide you through the process, whether it is an owner wanting to begin in the Website Servcies area, or begin to do digital marketing using our email lite product. Below is an example of the process to onboard once we have a commitment from the custmer. 

If the email lite is where your customer wants to begin there are several pieces that we need to have in order to begin; 


  1. Full Company Name--sometimes we use acronyms or nicknames for our owners. Please give us the full legal name as well as any other names they go by
  2. City & State the headquarters is located in

  1. Current Website  URL
  2. High Quality Logo Image or File
  3. Company Street Address
  4. URLs of Current Social Media Accounts (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc)

Relevant Phase 1 Videos

As field staff, you might not be a closely integrated with Phase 1 as you are with Email Marketing or Phase 2. You are not behind--that is totally intentional. Phase 1 is all about the website therefore the DTT team has traditionally taken the lead in order to use the relationships they have with the Development Team. Phase 1 can be very complicated and is extremely dependet on the account and the ability of the owners to mange their website independentally.

But this doesnt mean that you can't learn about some of the basic Phase 1 concepts to beef up your ATLAS repertoire.  The following videos have all been hand picked to be relevant to the work we think DTMs or other field staff might be involved with. Most of these might come in to play when executing a campaign. Often, Email Marketing bleeds into Phase 1 as you work to get articles & events up on the website.