Enabling our retail network to serve the needs of the grower of tomorrow

A Marketplace Experience

WinField® United is now offering two options to help connect growers to make digital purchases within our retail network: WinField United National Marketplace and ATLAS Local Marketplace. The goal of this internal site is to provide one place for all Marketplace material.  
Please keep this site between those at WinField United.

Providing growers with options: WFU National And ATLAS Local

These options help our retail owners engage with digital in a capacity that works for them. Using both platforms provides a way to reach a wider net of growers.

National Marketplace Features

  • Speed to market

  • No cost to retailer

  • Retailers can use National Marketplace and ATLAS Local Marketplace

  • Retailers still own the transaction with the grower

  • Serves as a digital lead generation tool for local retailer

  • Retailer needs to assign someone to receive transaction/lead information

  • All AgriMine® accounts will be automatically loaded into system

ATLAS Local Marketplace Features

  • Full, enriched experience within a retailer’s website

  • Retail seller assisted cart creation

  • “Local” branding, pricing, payment options, pick locations and shipping options

  • Retailers manage products available in the catalog

  • New accelerated onboarding timeline

  • Includes startup and subscription costs

National Marketplace Support Materials

National Marketplace Workflow


A one-page summary of the grower order workflow  


National Marketplace Workflow Video

A video that shows the grower order workflow


External Owner FAQ

A document to share with Retail-Owners that helps answer some of the common Marketplace questions


 Omnichannel talking points

A document to help guide Marketplace discussions and answer common questions. Please do not share this document externally

National Marketplace Positioning Deck

The slide deck that the leadership team shared to poistion the National Marketplace site

Retail Admin Workflow

A summary of the steps the Retail Admin needs to take to fulfill National Marketplace orders

ATLAS Local Marketplace Support Materials

ATLAS Local Marketplace Workflow

A document that summarizes the 3 key workflows with ATLAS Local Marketplace

Enabling a 3 click Order Video

A video that shows the end to end process of a seller assisted order


Marketplace Feature Deck 

A slide deck that breaks out the key features of ATLAS Local Marketplace


The Digital Experience Podcast

Join host Zach Vavak, DTM Lead, as he welcomes guests to share their experiences around digital and help simplify the digital conversation.


Click the link to listen or download

  • Episode 1: "Marketplace: The Time is Now": Zach Vavak, Brannon Hamar, Tony Bolz and Drew Garretson provide talking points around National Marketplace and discuss how they are helping their teams drive conversations around this topic