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It’s a match made in tank-mix heaven: an oil-loving herbicide and an oil-based drift and deposition aid used together in a spring burndown application. The outcome? Clean fields ready for planting. See how StrikeLock® adjuvant can dramatically increase the effectiveness of oil-loving herbicides in your fields and help you get them on, into and through weeds to eliminate them quickly.


Want to strike down even the most troublesome weeds this spring? Mix StrikeLock® adjuvant with an oil-loving herbicide in the spray tank. It’s a recipe for an effective spring burndown and a successful season.


Herbicides need to get on the weed, through the leaf of the weed and into the weed itself in order to eliminate it, and oil-loving herbicides are especially good candidates for the job. Oil-based StrikeLock® adjuvant, which also offers exceptional drift reduction, works well with oil-loving herbicides, particularly for a spring burndown application. 

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