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Evaluate water stress, nutrient stress and biomass accumulation to appraise crop health with precision. Timing your in-season decisions just right can give you the advantage you deserve. NutriSolutions® tissue testing and the R7® Field Forecasting Tool can help you plan smarter, buy better and get the most out of your fields. Contact us for more info.


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“Spare me the sales pitch/healthy skepticism”

You believe in the power of skepticism.
You know taking claims with a grain of salt makes a big difference. And that last season’s answers are just this season’s questions. Turn all your healthy doubt into hefty yields with the WinField United R7 Tool. From preseason planning through post harvest analysis, this powerful tool lets you take precise action using proven data. Start the season strong with characterization data to choose the best seed. Then track plant biomass levels, soil status, and the effects of weather and water stress to keep your crops thriving all season long.
Contact [Retailer’s name] for more info about the WinField United R7 Tool.



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