Content Calendar Support

Kick-Off Content Calendar Planning

If your looking for resources to support your content calendar/ MAP conversations, look no further. We've laid out examples of a potential content calendar from start-to-finish. Download the below example of a content calendar template. Have more questions? Reach out to your local DTM/DTT to discuss what additional resources are avaialbe. 

Content Calendar Example

Access Your Accounts Content Calendars

Click on your below Business Unit to find your local retailers uploaded content calendars.  If you are not able to access the appropriate BU please, reach out to your DTT.

R7 Comprehensive Requirements

As part of the R7 comprehensive discount, owners must meet requirments around content calendar creeation and campaign execution. To learn more about your local teams content planning and execution details, collaborate with your local sales team to ensure alignment needs. You can review the discount requirements by clicking below to downloading the full 2020 offer details. 

  2020 R7 Subscription

Winfield United Publication Calendar

Content calendar planning need a jump start? See what the Winfield United team has planned for upcoming publications. This calendar helps bring insight to available articles and resources today and in the upcoming months. 

Curious what additional content may be in the pipeline? Reach out to your DTT to discuss content needs and see if we can help ensure we're working toward creating articles and content to meet your campaign needs.