Packaged Campaign Topics

View availabe campaigns, articles, tech sheets, social, video and more!

We have begun creating a library of packaged campaigns that you as an ATLAS Customer can use & localize to fit your needs! These  campaigns are an easy way to get relevant, crafted information out to your customers in an easy manner. The pictures, articles & other assets have already been created, you just need to request the campaign! 

We will even drop the email into the back end of your website for you! That way, all you have to do it make any edits or changes you'd like & send. 

Take a look at the current Packaged Campaigns we have availabe. We will continue to add to this library as they become available--so check back often! We also send out notifications of new campaigns in our ATLAS Newsletter. 

If you're needing a campaign cloned, please email with the subject line Clone Request.  In the body put: the name of the retailer as found in Kentico and the name of the campaign as found in the library.