Email Support Requests

*It's important to note that these request is being processed by team members who are not familiar with accounts and field representaives so they will need to information clearly stated as found in the Atlas systems. 

Clone Request

If you'd like to see a template from the libary copied to the backend of your sites account, please follow these steps: 

Email: Your assigned DTT
Subject: Clone Request
Please clone (list title of clone name as listed on the apporpriate page) to (list name of account as listed in Kentico)

Content/ Campaign Needs

Review the library thoroughly, found here: 

 Content Library
If you are not finding content supporting your need or you are wanting to create/ customize/ edit content, reach out to your assigned DTT to coordinate a time to collaborate.

New User Set-Up/ TST Set-up

New User: 

Email: or your assigned customer success 
Subject: New User Set

Please set up [First Name, Last Name, Email} as an admin to [account as named in Kentico]

TST request:
Email: Your assigned DTT
Please establish a TST for [account name} and add to my site access once completed. 

Form Requests/ Landing Pages

If you need a form or a landing page establsihed for a customer without a current website, we can are able to set-up landing throught the Atlas master.  Setting up a form or landing page on a non-live site (TST) is not a secure. Please set up a form or landing page by following these steps:

Email: Your assigned DTT
Subject: Form/Landing Page

Please set-up a form for (list name of account as found in Kentico)

The fields of the form should be as follows:

Fields should be: First Name, Last Name, Email, check box for: Yes or No

Form submissons should go to:


Image Sizes/ Sizing

Images for email marketing require certain sizes to see best optimization.  Those sizes are:

Email header: 600 x (100-400)

Thumbnails Images: 275 x (100-400)

Free image sizing programs:

Do not put images within a content box. Though images may appear in the preview to be sized properly, there is no optimization within these areas for images.  Different devices will not be able to view the images in the desired layout. 

Stock Photo Library


Looking for images to utilize in your digital efforts? Review our Getty Images library.  Only this link will allow you to access the library specific to Winfield United. 

Click to Access Getty Library

Once you have found an image(s) your wish to download please, submit your request utilizing the Creative ID number associated with the image. Your image(s) will be emailed to you within 1-3 business days.

Click to Request Image Download


Email Support Videos

Where do I start?

Not sure where to start? We've got you covered.  Below is a video thats covers the campaign process from start to finish to help find the best options for your owner. As you continue down your email marketing journey, we also offer support videos that get you started on the technical workings of Atlas and what it takes to build your campaign.

Campaign Tracker

Regardless of the campaign being planned, you will need to provide the details of EACH AND EVERY campaign you intend to run in 2019. Providing details in advance gives better visibility to marketing and will help us all plan better.

  • To provide campaign details, select the below button titled "Campaign Planning Form".
  • After accessing the planning form, select "+ new item" to add a record for an upcoming campaign.
Campaign Tracker


A clinic is a great opportunity for owners to collect email addresses. Additionally, a campaign is an easy way to follow-up on a clinic. 

Please use the link below to help us keep track of all the clinics happening around the country!

Clinic Tracker

Sending Emails To Different Types of Accounts

Not all owners are alike. Some have been on ATLAS for awhile--others are just beginning their journey. Despite this, we can successfuly run email campaigns with all of them.

However we do need to execute them in different ways, and with different timings. Learn more about the 3 different types of owners we have:

ATLAS Alligned Owner

This is an owner who already has an ATLAS Website. They will be able to send out the emails themselves or with assistance from us. The email marketing application is already built into the back end of the website, so likely the only effort will be to train them and provide the assets for the campaigns. 

Please allow a minimum of 3 weeks notice before a campaign needs to be executed--espeically if it is a custom campaign. 

Future ATLAS Owner

These are owners who have already expressed interest in ATLAS, or have already had a readiness meeting, but are awaiting to finish Phase 1. 

Because they will be a future ATLAS customer, we can get their phase 1 site set up (referred to as a TST site) to send the email out through. This will be the same site that eventually turns into their co-op's website through ATLAS. 

Please allow a minimum of 4 weeks notice before a campaign needs to be executed. The increase in time is because we may not have a TST site ready, and because there are more logistical concerns that need to be worked through to send a campaign. 

Not ATLAS Ready

This is an owner that is not quite ready for the ATLAS Journey. We can still provide them resources to execute campaigns on their own, or send them out via Kentico!

The drawback to this type of owner is the amount of time it takes to prepare for this type of account and the amount of effort we give while still being fair to our Alligned & Future Alligned owners. 

If this is your first time working on a campaign with a Not ATLAS Ready customer, please give a minimum of 6 weeks notice before the email needs to be sent out. These customer require a lot of back and forth communication to be able to send the campaign.