Internal ATLAS Site

A Resource for Our Internal WU ATLAS Teams

You've been introduced to this site because you are an important piece in the ATLAS journey for our owners. The goal of this site is to help get important ATLAS related information to our internal staff in an easy to use way. There is also information that we'd like to keep just between teams and this was a great way to do so. 

Please keep this site between those at WinField United. The ATLAS Customer Support site will continue to exsit to support our memeber owners.

What Can You Find On This Site?

The WU Interal ATLAS Site will house information relating to Phases 1, 2, & 3 as well as Campaign information. This site will include forms, support documentation, videos and general info about the structure & strategy of ATLAS. 

The General Info tab will include a breif overview of the strategy of each of the Phases. The pages devoted to each Phase will go over in detail the role of each of the teams, related support docs & videos, as well as any forms related to that Phase. The campaign page should look familiar to you as it is the same content that used to exist on the customer support site. All campaign related information will be found there.